All freelancers will value the importance of a clean, accessible workspace. And if you’re transitioning from the 9-5 office life to freelance, you will learn to value it!

There’s no worse problem than working in a space that isn’t right for you – or any freelancer for that matter. Cramped, uncomfortable desks are just part of the problem. Slow internet, temperamental laptops and crashing software mean your workspace is hindering your work more than helping it.

Although you might want to be thrifty when you first go freelance, investing in a new workspace will be invaluable for the rest of your career.


If your laptop doesn’t allow you to do the work you promise to clients, then you’ve got a serious problem.

You don’t need to buy the top of the range products to be able to communicate with clients and carry on with work as normal. Simply make sure that the equipment you do choose is right for your business and will help you create great work.

Perks are great, and if you think it’s important to your work then invest. Graphic designers are more likely to invest more in software than copywriters, after all.


You might find yourself lost for inspiration at times; especially after you’ve worked for five hours straight to get one project completed. How will you ever come up with another great idea like that again? Can you ever bring yourself to start the next piece of work?

This is when a window will come in handy. When you’re lost for inspiration and need some help coming up with that next great idea, a white wall isn’t going to motivate you to come up with the next fantastic idea that will wow your client.

Windows might not be your idea of inspiration – we all have our own idea of what helps us be productive. But, having your workspace by some natural light can encourage regular working hours and help you develop a routine that will make you become your most productive self.


Another productivity tip. Put a timer on your desk to and set it every five minutes to give yourself regular breaks. It sounds counterproductive considering you will be distracting yourself from your work, but bear with us.

Studies have actually shown that coming away from the desk at regular intervals encourages you to come up with fresh ideas and work solidly for the time you are at your desk.

It’s not a necessity, but for many people (both office workers and freelancers) this has proven to be a great method to increase productivity and encourage hard working staff.


You’ll be spending a large amount of time at your desk, so you need to be comfortable.

Again, this isn’t an area where skimping will pay off. Whether it’s an ergonomic chair, a sturdy desk at the right height or a wrist rest to support your hands while you’re typing – choose what you need to make you feel comfortable and get it.

Again, top of the range products aren’t a necessity but pilfering chairs from tips are not advised.


A wall calendar or a virtual calendar are vital for freelancers to keep track or projects.

Being an unorganised freelancer won’t get you very far with clients, and definitely won’t impress fellow freelancers. Have your calendar on an easily accessible space – whether it’s the wall or your desktop – and you will save so much time hunting through emails to see what time you’re meeting Aunt Edna for lunch.

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