If you work freelance, there are some things which just seem to come up all the time. People make assumptions about what it is that you spend all day doing, not to mention all the things you are doing that you probably shouldn’t be.

Here’s our list of things that, if you’re a freelancer, will make you nod your head in agreement.

“Next year I will definitely keep better financial records”

Because urgh, that frightened rummaging through old receipts two days before the tax return is due. And on that note…

“Next year I will definitely not wait until two days before my tax return is due to submit it”

We might be repeating ourselves here, but urgh that frightened rummaging through old receipts…

That one family member who thinks it’s your day off. Every. Day.

If you work from home, at least one family member is convinced that it means you are available at all times. And acts accordingly, just popping round for a quick cup of tea. Or to suggest a quick visit out to the shops. Or needs a favour. Meanwhile, you’re feeling slightly hysterical about all the deadlines stacking up.

If all the retired neighbours could just cut their grass at the same time, that would be lovely

Some days it’s like a choir of lawnmowers is joyriding around the neighbourhood, which makes focus a bit tricky (and breathing, if you get hayfever).

The cat will urgently need your attention if an important client phones

Any silently sleeping pets will suddenly turn into whirling demons of furball vomiting horror the very second your phone rings with that long awaited VIP client.

You’ve had more offers for exposure than a cheating politician

Apart from the clients who respond with a level of horror so well-rehearsed it would put the local dramatics society to shame, there’s an unfortunate amount of people who think you can pay your bills using their endorsement. Great! If it was a national paper, rather than at the bottom of the monthly newsletter going out to members of their immediate family.

The watermark is there for a reason.

“And will be removed when you pay.”

Just because you’re not protected by HR, it’s still nice to be treated nicely

Some clients can be a bit… abrupt. It makes managing expectations and agreeing delivery timelines very important.

The all-knowledgeable amateur

When the client’s neighbour’s nephew once covered this in a High School lesson once, and now knows more than you with all your qualifications, knowledge, and experience. And then it becomes impossible to talk the client away from the throwaway remark that the nephew made. They just wanted to appear smart. Now you have to spend an hour on the phone.


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