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Will My Employer Know If I’m Self-Employed?

The quick answer? No, your employer won’t automatically find out if you’re self-employed. In this day and age, having a side hustle is becoming pretty commonplace. Supplementing a salary with a second (or even third) source of income is a great way to expand your skills offering and of course, bump up your bank balance. It’s a great way to earn some extra cash, grow your network, indulge in your passions and continue to diversify your talents. Read More

Starting Out as an IT Freelancer
Freelancers and Mental Health: Being A Sole Trader Doesn’t Mean You’re Alone

Ah self-employment. Flexibility, no annoying colleagues, no commute, no stuffy office. Lovely. According to recent statistics, there are almost 2.2 million freelancers in the UK. This has increased dramatically over the last decade, with COVID seeing freelancing from home soar. If you’re one of the thousands of people who suffer with a mental health condition, this set up can work really well. Read More

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