Drowning in clutter? Got a flair for arts and crafts? Bring the two together with our top tips on how to keep your home office clean and tidy on a shoestring budget. Ridding your workspace of unnecessary hodgepodge will help bolster better focus, motivation and wellbeing because after all, its no great secret that your physical environment and professional output come hand-in-hand.

A tower of glass jars for your knick-knacks

Grab yourself a few old jam jars or some of those trendy mason jars you see all over Pinterest. Line them up, glue them all together securely with a hot glue gun (an essential in any craft kit) and wait for the glue to set fully.

Once dry, tip the train of jars onto its side and voila – there you have the perfect stack storage for those little bits of clutter that all add up like the drawing pin that will probably end up in your foot or the Christmas cracker tape measure youll surely find use for one dayright?

Easy-peasy toilet roll cable tidy

When youre next sat on the throne and youve used the last piece of loo roll, dont just chuck the cardboard innards into the recycling bin. Keep it to one side and use it as a pretty nifty little way to hold all your wires and cables together to save underneath your desk looking like a big bowl of black and white noodles.

Slide the tube around your wires or cut it down the middle, wrap around and then tape together again. Simples. You can even customisation your toilet tube cable tidy with tape, wrapping paper, paint or anything else you might have crowding your arts ncrafts supply.

Bulldog clip cable clamps

Why is it that you can never ever remember purchasing a lifetime supply of bulldog clips but somehow, you always end up with a whole load of them laying around the house? Put them to good use by clamping a few to the edge of your office desk and using it to hold your wires and chargers in place to stop them falling to the floor and getting into one heck of a tangle.

Over-door clutter organisation

Well bet our bottom dollar that many of you reading this article now have one of those over-door organiser pouches in your home somewhere, full to the brim with shoes that will never be worn again. Turf the shoes out, take them down to your local charity shop and then use the organiser as a great way to get your workspace looking all clean and minimal. The perfect place to chuck pens, business cards, small stationery items or even your secret stash of snacks.

Make your scribbles more sustainable

The most effective way to limit the amount of paper and old notebooks cluttering up the place is to get rid of it entirely. So, rather than jotting your to-do lists on pieces of paper, scribbling your ideas on sticky notes or timetabling your schedule for the week on the back of an old Christmas card, get yourself a whiteboard or some chalk paint and jot it all down on the wall instead.

Do you have any of your own crafty clutter busters? Let us know via social media using the links below and better still, share your photos with us!


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