Cleaning your hands is easy and if you didn’t already know how, there is an absolute avalanche of infographics detailing the steps as the Coronavirus panic continues to spread. It’s also worth knowing how to keep surfaces germ-free to help avoid the spread of bacteria as part of worldwide preventative measures.

What isn’t quite so straight forward but is still equally essential is keeping your technological devices clean. Soap, water and antibacterial gel will keep hands clean and surface sprays and antibacterial fluids will keep our homes and offices clean but you can’t just go about splashing any old liquid on your devices – doing so could seriously damage them.

Plus, it’s pretty pointless scrubbing your hands to within an inch of their lives if you’re only going to then use dirty devices riddled with germs. So, here are our tips on cleaning your technology safely in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis…

Be wary of antibacterial wipes

The supermarket shelves have been wiped clean of antibacterial wipes as people give every inch of their homes and workspaces the once-over more regularly. Disinfectant wipes aren’t always recommended for things like computers or personal electronics though, particularly those with a touchscreen.

Harsh disinfectants are thought to damage the fingerprint-proof surface on touchscreens so many leading tech manufacturers advise wiping with a lint-free cloth which has been slightly dampened with warm, soapy water instead.

That said, new advice released by Apple this month suggests that disinfectant wipes are now safe for use on non-porous parts of products (i.e. screens and exteriors) but do so at your own risk. Apple do advise against using any aerosols, compressed air and direct liquid sprays, to avoid damage.

For things like computers, laptops and cameras, get some cleaning wipes which have been designed specifically for use on those kinds of devices. Again, only use compressed air on parts which won’t be damaged by it, such as a computer keyboard where it is great for blowing out debris and dust.

Make sure you don’t get liquid in open ports

If you are using damp cloths or wipes soaked in antibacterial solution, just make sure to avoid any ports, holes, crevices, vents or open parts. Letting any moisture get inside the device increases the risk of permanent damage being caused, even in those devices which promise to be water-resistant as water is far less destructive than liquid chemicals when it comes to technology.

Clean covers and protectors too

If your device has a cover or protector on it, don’t forget to remove this and clean separately to give it all a good thorough clean too. Clean your covers according to the manufacturer’s advice but most will be more durable against things like disinfectant and antibacterial fluids than the device itself.

Screen protectors are available at relatively cheap costs these days so if you are particularly wary about the spread of germs, you could consider stocking up on a few and changing it every couple of weeks.

Experts are advising people to clean their devices at least once a day in the current Coronavirus climate but whatever you do, don’t forget to switch off and unplug first!

Do you have any of your own tips on keeping your technology squeaky clean? Share them in the comments below!


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