Stop lying to yourself.

You honestly think your Boss has the IQ of a Neanderthal. You’ve never had the chance to pitch that big idea you’ve been sitting on for months. You’d give anything to feel passionate about your work again. Your list of solutions grows by the day – not to mention those special little problem solvers you know could be huge money makers. You honestly could make every one of your creative dreams and ideals come true… If you only you’d stop giving into your crippling fears and slap your two week notice down on your boss’s desk. Ideally wearing black tinted aviators and answering “deal with it” every time your boss asks “Why?!”

But logically it makes sense to be afraid right? Going it alone means giving up a stable income, company perks, free time and a guaranteed supply of coffee – and you like coffee. What’s more, going it alone means uncertainty, what will each day bring, Profit? Despotism? How can you know without a boss telling you what to think?! And what the hell is personal marketing?!

That said, freaking out is not productive, despite what your mind is telling you. Take a deep breath and do what you do best: Mine for data, formulate that data into key points, expand on those points to include as much relevant/useful information as you can, use as many big words as possible and attempt to make it funny – because you’re the kind of person too laugh at your own jokes.

You know how your mind works. Once you’ve looked over your shiny new list, you’ll start to see patterns. Those patterns will show the need for clients, a realistic budget (you don’t become instantly rich the second you go freelance) all the things HR currently solve for you and people you can actually brainstorm with.

You’ve already made friends with a lot of these brainstorming people despite them being all over the world, the internet has shrank the world down to the size of a small village.

You know all this. You’ve planned for all this. And yet here you are, practically looking for reasons not to make the leap. You’re already moonlighting (not just a great 80’s TV show starring Bruce Willis) and you enjoy it. You’ve gone over that ever growing list of clients daily, you know there is enough work to carry you, enough work that your feeling stifled in your current Job. You are so much more than this, and you can prove it.

It’s fine if you want to ignore me, that is to say, ignore yourself. But you know I’m right, so again – stop lying to yourself.


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