Freelancers are required to be very adaptable, self-motivated, and organised. It’s just the nature of the job. When you’re working for (and by) yourself a lot rests on your ability to stay motivated, and to be fluid about it.

To help you in your mission, we round up some of our favourite gadgets perfect for keeping freelancers functioning.

Smart Kettle

Putting ‘i’ in front of most things these days signifies a high-tech solution has been delivered. The iKettle and its liquid-boiling brethren are controlled by your smartphone, so when you’re the only one taking charge of the hot drinks run, there’s something to share the load.

Sleeping Aids

If you’re the one running the show, it might mean there’s nobody watching to stop any sneaky naps. Get yourself a decent night’s sleep instead.

There is an enormous amount of tech available for helping to improve your sleep, get to sleep, keep you asleep… If you don’t like wearable tech, or just don’t like wearing it in bed, there are still plenty of options available.

Some products regulate your breathing to help you slow down and switch off. The Somnox sleep robot is a huggable pillow which simulates a breathing motion for you to follow. The Dodow does it by projecting light, and 2Breathe uses sound technology to do something similar.

Power banks

Again, there are a lot of options out there for portable power packs. Designs vary, offering levels of appearance, shape, weight, portability, durability… it all depends what you’re after. Take into account how quickly you need to access it, the amount of data you need to carry around with you, and the sort of environments it will operate in.

Smartphone projector

Having a smartphone projector as a freelancer can be pretty handy if you need to present ideas to a client but don’t have the office space available. If you work from home, chances are you won’t want clients coming to sit in your spare bedroom whilst you show them something. Instead, take the presentation with you, without worrying how you will deliver it with style. A smartphone projector can be bought quite cheaply, doesn’t need wires or charging, and can be used anywhere that there is a flat wall to point it at.

Noise cancelling headphones

If you need to concentrate, or just want to block out everyone else, get some noise cancelling or isolating headphones. Noise cancelling earphones tend to be a bit more expensive, using tech to listen to your environment and electronically cancelling the soundwaves so all you hear is what’s playing. Noise isolating headphones act as a barrier which blocks out the sound physically. You can get them wired or wireless, over ear, on ear, or in ear, so there’s a lot to choose from depending on need.


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