Rebrand – a word that strikes fear or excitement into businesses and individuals alike.

For some, it is a necessary evil, others it’s an exciting time or a way to streamline and get things organised. In this post we’ll be outlining the possible reasons when it’s a good time to rebrand, and also some times when it should be avoided.

Only you can answer this at the end of the day, but we’ve got some pointers to help you decide.

You’ve changed your niche or your business has evolved

Everyone in the blogging world pretty much says the same thing, that you need a niche. For some though, this isn’t set in stone. Your interests change, your priorities or business focus turns into something else.

In this case, it could be a good idea for a rebrand. It might be helpful to change your branding if you want to target a slightly different audience or you want to tell your audience that you’ve made big changes.

Things naturally change and in the world of business it’s important to be flexible in order to grow alongside the market you’re working in.

You’re struggling to monetise

A rebrand is more than just a new look, it’s a new approach and that could be just the thing your blog needs.

If you’ve been struggling to make money from your blog, you may need to give it a rethink. Perhaps you’ve become so niche no one’s reading your blog, perhaps you’re too vague and the same problem is happening.

Maybe it’s just tricky to monetise through ads (due to traffic) or through affiliate sales (due to your niche).

However, a rebrand is not a guarantee of success. You’ll need a plan on how you’ll monetize your new site too.

You know something needs to change

While we wouldn’t advocate simply changing for the sake of it, sometimes you just know something isn’t right. The first advice we’d give is to try and figure out exactly what is wrong and how you can go about changing it. You may not need a full rebrand but a slight shift in focus instead.

Your brand looks the same as everyone else’s

It’s hard to stand out among the competition if everyone looks the same. Perhaps you based your branding on one of your freelancing idols. Or maybe you’ve noticed a few familiar looking websites popping up, offering the same stuff as you. A rebrand could get you your unique flair back.

When’s it a bad time to rebrand?

The beginning of the year is usually when people start to try new things and improve on things that weren’t working in the previous year in a bid to make the best year yet. However, sometimes a rebrand just isn’t the right choice – at least for now. See some of our reasons below, though of course, it’s all dependant on your personal circumstances.

You’re just bored

Boredom has the potential to spark new ideas but when that means you’re spending money and tinkering with your website just for the sake of it, it perhaps it isn’t the best idea.

Look into where it’s going wrong. If you feel like you need to change your niche or focus, make sure it’s to something that you’re passionate about before you splash the cash (and time).

You think your logo is putting people off

First impressions are important. But as long as your website is clear and easy to navigate, most people won’t care about the type of font you use or your colour scheme.

Unless your website looks like it was built in the 80s or you’ve got something very unappealing on the front page, a rebrand probably won’t be your golden ticket to success.

If you feel like a change, then there’s nothing wrong with that but don’t expect the future of your business to rest on a rebrand. The chances are it will make minimal difference. That’s unless you’re changing your business in a big way.

Doing a rebrand ideally needs a business plan to go along with it, where you assess your current position and lay out new strategies for going forward.

You’re busy

A rebrand is not a decision to be taken lightly. If you’re too busy to give it the attention it requires, then things will likely not go according to plan. Think carefully about why you want to do this and be realistic with yourself about what you can manage around your freelance work or day job.

Remember that branding isn’t just limited to logo and colour scheme. There’s also tone of voice, how you market yourself, what services you provide and what first impressions you want people to get when they go on your website.

If you’re set on a rebrand, it might be time to hire some help in. You can easily find a freelancer to design your website or logo online. It’ll be good for your contacts list too.


Are you considering a rebrand, if so why? Or have you ever rebranded before? Please share your thoughts below.


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