You’ve long since dusted off your work suit and donned your pyjamas for the freelancer lifestyle. And being your own boss feels great, of course. When you answer to only yourself, it’s hard to imagine you’ll ever go back to the office and work for ‘the man’.

So what’s the point in updating your CV? If clients need examples of work you show them your portfolio, and any certificates – easy peasy!

Sometimes things aren’t that simple unfortunately. So for now trust us, because you will need your CV.

The Tricky Client

Yes you have a portfolio, references and certificates. But sometimes you may get an odd client who wants a CV too, because the rest isn’t enough. These are clients to be wary of because they’re obviously compartmentalising you into the ‘employee’ zone.

While you should comply and produce a perfectly elegant and accurate CV with your most up to date work included, you will need to be prepared. Keeping your CV in tip top shape at all times means you don’t have to do a 24 hour turn around when they demand to see it.

Work Dries Up

Every freelancer’s nightmare is that they won’t have enough work to generate rent money. Scary, we know. If the dreaded does occur and freelance doesn’t work out financially, you need to have a quick back up in place while you’re continuing your freelance work.

Put your CV on job websites like Indeed and CV Library to advertise yourself to the working world once more. The quicker you get your material out there, the quicker you’ll be able to continue doing freelance work in the meantime.

Freelancing Isn’t for You

Sometimes freelancers are doing financially well but decide the lifestyle simply isn’t for them. People can get energy and motivation from having co-workers around them and a boss keeping an eye on their work load.

Other times home circumstance changes and you’re forced back to work. Either way you have to pack in and whip out the trusty CV once more.

How ready is your CV? Have you had to rapidly update it for a client? Or have you failed to get that job because of it? Leave us a comment in the section below!


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