Oh goody, get ready to build another snowman… Frozen 2 is official. It’s true, parents of world. And I’m truly sorry, but Disney has indeed announced the sequel to the most successful (and highest grossing) animation Frozen, which made roughly $1.3 billion (yes, billion) dollars on its 1st round in the box office, making it the fifth highest earned film in history. So with those figures it’s a pretty safe bet Disney wasn’t going to leave it alone.

Frozen has gone beyond being just the golden goose of Disney’s income and become a cultural icon, inspiring an adaption on Broadway and ‘Frozen Fever’, a seven minute long short film that continued the original Frozen story and was released in cinemas alongside Disney’s Cinderella in March 2015. But the good news for parents driven mad by ‘Let it Go’ is that Disney isn’t going to rush Frozen 2, despite the heavy demand. They know full well that fans will happily wait until 2018, giving them plenty of time to set up the marketing hype and drive their waiting audience into a frenzy. They took a similar approach when the original Frozen was first announced to the public – two years before it actually hit the cinema.

Disney’s share price rose 4% on the strength of the official announcement that Frozen 2 is now a Thing. The first film’s directors, Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck, met with Walt Disney Animation and film producer Peter Del Vecho in an annual shareholding meeting to begin work on Disney’s latest parent torture. But will Frozen 2 surpass the original film in terms of revenue?

As of now, we only know that Frozen 2 will hit cinemas sometime in 2018, but unfortunately there’s plenty of Frozen material to keep fans pre-occupied until the release date is announced.

Alfred Angelo, one of the biggest bridal gowns Collection Companies in the world, decided to make a $999 dress influenced by Frozen’s Elsa ‘The Snow Queen’, adding it to their Disney Fairytale line. It’s madness, I tell you.

Other retailers made versions of Elsa’s dress for younger fans and plastic Frozen dolls, selling them in North America. Reports show that in North America alone, approximately $3 million was made on the children’s merchandise in 2014.

In 2006, Disney ended its associations with McDonald’s Happy Meals to put a stop to childhood obesity and decided to promote healthier products such as juices and yogurts. But that didn’t stop Disney continuing to manufacture necessities such as Frozen-themed plasters and toothpaste.

But hold on lucky parents, because there’s more! Disney also offers trips to Frozen sites in Norway so that you can experience and explore the stunning landscape, visiting the villages that inspired filmmakers and provided the perfect material for the Frozen movie.

The sales spin is so cute that it makes me want to vomit – right into my Frozen-themed wastepaper bin…


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