Choosing your working hours, spending more time with your family and managing your workload how you see fit. This is usually what we think about when we consider a freelance lifestyle.

There are plenty of reasons to go freelance, and even more to stick at it – but for some it’s simply not enough. While working for yourself is a great feat, those with an entrepreneurial fire in their belly might strive for even more success.

Upscaling a freelance business is easier said than done, however. It starts by seeing how you can increase your workload and getting as many clients on board as possible – from here you can work on how you’re going to accommodate their needs and expand your business.

In order to get these clients on board, you need to use a pinch of creativity and a lot of hard work. Here are our top tips on how you can use your creativity to upscale your freelance business.

Try out YouTube

There are plenty of free tools online that freelancers are able to make the most of – whether it’s a social media platform, freelancing sites or your own WordPress site.

However, one service that many freelancers neglect to make use of when upscaling their business is YouTube. By having a YouTube account, it doesn’t mean you’re opening yourself up to the world of vlogging.

It’s not just creating make-up tutorials in immaculately lit videos that the platform can be used for, and if you put your creative head on there’s no end to the possibilities.

Whether you decide to upload some of your own graphic design work as examples, or interview your clients to get some testimonials, there are plenty of uses for it – perfect for when you’re looking to branch out and reach a new audience.

Hunt out your niche

If you think you’re ready to upscale your business, you need to make sure your target audience is clearly etched out in your mind.

If you think you’re yet to find your target audience, it’s time to put some hours in hunting out your niche. This is the specific area you want to specialise in – and having one will make your work more exclusive and attractive to your target audience.

Up until now you may have been attempting to work as a jack of all trades, that won’t cut it when you want to make your business bigger. Attempting to cover all bases will simply mean you end up spreading yourself too thin.

Get creative with clients

While you might be putting focus on your finding the new clients that will help you build your brand and take that next step from freelancer to small business, you should go the extra mile to ensure you’re not neglecting your current clients.

This might mean sending an email to reach out and simply explain what you’re up to. Being upfront with your current clients is more likely to keep them on your side, rather than looking for a new freelancer when you raise your rates.

However, since you’re upscaling, isn’t it worth giving your emails a makeover too? Try getting creative and grabbing their attention to increase the likelihood of opening the email and having a read!

Outsource with a twist

While outsourcing might not be something freelancers consider (I don’t have spare money to buy a meal deal – I’m not giving it away when I can do it myself!) during an upscale it’s a necessity.

But who said outsourcing had to be boring? Rather than going through the traditional routes of finding an assistant, IT expert or accountant, get creative.

The more creative you are and the more that creativity aligns with your own and your business’ brand, the more likely you’re going to find the perfect fit.

Whether you decide to share posters and flyers around your hairdressers and laundrette to find someone local, or whether you decide to reach out to people you’ve found on LinkedIn with a quirky message that reflects how you think, who said it had to be mundane?

What are your tips for scaling up a freelance business? Have you been offered some invaluable advice that has come in handy? Leave us a comment below with your thoughts.


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