When you’re working freelance, it can be hard to find somewhere that lets you knuckle down and get your work done, while giving you the opportunity to meet new people. There are advantages to working from home, but sometimes you need to get out and find a fresh environment!

The library can be great, but where do you go for a chat and a drink when you need a break? A café? A good idea, but there is always pressure to buy the entire shop after staying for an hour toanticafé
avoid taking up space. Fortunately, there is an answer! Leonid Goncharov recognised these struggles and founded the Anticafé. We spoke to community manager Julie Marras to find out more.

Which Anticafé do you work at?

I work for all of the Parisian Anticafés as we have a global strategy on social media. So I have the chance to work from all of them, it depends on the day, but you can find me at Anticafé Louvre most of the time.

What is an Anticafé?

Anticafé is a café (despite what the name suggests) where you only pay for the time you spend (5€/hour maximum). Everything else is included; coffees, drinks, food, wifi and smiles! There are now three Anticafés in Paris and one in Rome.

How was the Anticafé founded?

The idea came from Leonid Goncharov, a young entrepreneur who wanted to import this Russian concept in France. When he came to Paris to study, he couldn’t find a place that met his expectations of a friendly, welcoming café, with no pressure to have a third coffee or leave after just one hour!

What was the initial reaction from local residents and customers?

Parisians were (and still are) very enthusiastic about this new concept in town and they came in their masses to do different things: chill, read, work, meet new people and attend events. Everybody can do whatever they want in an Anticafé – I think that is what people appreciate.

Who visits the Anticafé?

Our visitors are very diverse. Entrepreneurs, artists, freelancers, students, tourists, you can meet whoever you want in an Anticafé. That’s the beauty of spending some time here; you can meet really unexpected and interesting people.

What’s next? Have you got upcoming plans for expansion?

We recently launched our franchise system. If someone loves the concept and wants to open an Anticafé in another city, they can get in touch with us and we will do it together, with our experience and their fresh ideas.

Are you planning on coming to the UK?

We will be more than glad to do so if someone is interested in a franchise with us


Check out the Anticafé website: http://www.anticafe.eu

Unfortunately for the time being you can only visit the Anticafé in Paris or Rome, but the company are always looking for eager entrepreneurs willing to begin their own café! If this sounds like you, contact Tommaso here for more details.

Are you interested in opening a branch of the Anticafé in the UK? If you like the idea, leave a comment in the section below! We’d love to hear from you.


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