If you’re self-employed or run a small business, any time is a good time to get a tax accountant. But now is a great time.

We’re just a few weeks into the new tax year. It means there’s still plenty of time to ensure everything is organised for your tax return before the deadline looms.

The benefits of having an accountant

Having an accountant can save you a lot of time

Forget floundering about amongst your paperwork while you have 15 HMRC tabs open in your browser. Wading through the intricacies of expenses, allowances and reliefs takes weeks because this isn’t your area of expertise.

It is an accountant’s area of expertise though, and they can sort your tax and VAT returns in the fraction of a time it will take you.

Get it right

That expertise means your returns will be completed correctly and you won’t spend weeks struggling with it yourself, followed by months dreading fines or an inquiry by HMRC.

Represent you

Even if you do everything right, HMRC may decide to look into your finances further. Sometimes, that’s just what they do! Whatever the reason for their inquiry, you can appoint your accountant to represent you in any and all dealings with HMRC. They speak their language, so it makes sense—and is far less stressful for you.

Meet deadlines

Provide them with the information they need, and an accountant will ensure any required returns are filed well within the deadline. Fantastic for the fact you don’t have to embroil yourself in a last-minute, stress-filled scramble (or face pricey fines for late submissions).

Save you money

If the cost of getting an accountant has put you off in the past, shop around. It might be that you don’t need a full package of services, or have particular needs due to the nature and structure of the business.


That said, the cost of an accountant can be well worth it—not just because of the time and stress it will save you, but because of the money you can save. An accountant can look at your whole financial situation and ensure that you keep as much of your hard-earned money as possible, submitting all the expenses and claiming all the reliefs or grants that you’re entitled to.

What are you waiting for? Find an accountant now and feel your stress slip away!


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