The gig economy is not going anywhere any time soon. More and more writers, graphic designers, massage therapists, chefs, web gurus and taxi drivers are realising that they can be their own bosses, earn heaps of money and grow their personal brands as freelancers. 

As freelancing continues to grow and prove its many benefits, more and more people are giving up their day jobs and traditional employed work to become their own boss. Setting up your own business as a freelancer can be hard work, but with some guidance and perseverance, you can flex your muscles and utilise the tools you need to be a successful freelancer.

Here are some of the best tips to help you to become a successful freelancer:

Be focused

While you will understandably want to attract as many clients as possible, do not undertake work that you don’t feel comfortable doing. Some clients will try to push the boundaries of your remit and get you to do jobs that outside of your experience and expertise.

Stay focused on your core offerings. This will not only help you be happier with your work, you’ll begin to build a base of ideal clients.

Offer value

Through content marketing, you can not only build trust with your existing clients, but can also show potential customers the value you provide. By showcasing your talents through inbound marketing you can win over lots of new clients who find you.

Stay on top of your admin

While it can be tempting to keep all of the money you are raking in, you need to take time to think about your taxes at the end of the year. Make sure you’re setting aside at least 30% of everything you make. In addition to this, you should also think about getting your pension sorted and putting money aside for holiday pay, sick time and other emergencies. Cloud based accounting software solutions are perfect for freelancers.

Be yourself

Regardless of what you are selling as a freelancer, you are your own brand, and this means you need to sell yourself. You need to showcase your ability, professionalism and your personality. Make sure you come across in the best possible light. Trustworthy and honest is better than hiding your character behind a brand you can’t live up to.

Research your competition

You can learn a lot from your competitors. Find the going rates, the value of a particular service (as well as its popularity) by keeping a close eye on your competitors. This enables you to always stay one step ahead. Remember, research is important and it pays to keep a regular check on what is going on in the market.


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