People all over the world are trying their hand at freelancing. After all, it really seems like a no-brainer; you already do the work for a boss and/or a corporation, so why not strike out on your own, set your own hours, and reap the rewards?

This can be a lot easier said than done. In fact, many freelancers are doomed to fail before they even start – and they don’t realise it.

So, what can you do to change all of this and find success in your freelancing career?

There is no magic wand or secret formula

The answer is really quite simple. The answer is to stop reading blogs like these instead of working on your career! No, really.

Although we love your readership on our blog, if you spend all of your writing/designing/accounting/drawing/composing time scouring every corner of the internet to try to find the ‘secret sauce’ that will have you closing contracts like a star, you will fail.

There is no such thing as ‘perfect’

While you are ‘gathering information’ about how to become a great freelancer, other freelancers will be passing you by, snagging up clients and earning the money you want to make. We hear time and time again about people who spend loads of time upgrading their skills and researching new ways to do their job. While there is definitely a time and place to upgrade your skills, if you spend all of your time trying to become ‘perfect’ you will never get started.

The best freelancers are not perfect at their jobs. They understand their weaknesses, and they do take courses and get guidance on how to get stronger. But they won’t be able to master these tasks if they focus on reading blogs, buying e-books and watching tutorial videos. The only way to get better is to get to work!

If you are someone your clients can rely on to do a good job and get the work done, they will come to you again and again. As long as you are open to their feedback and are committed to fixing anything they don’t love, your weaknesses will soon become your strengths.

Getting to work is the secret to getting work

We know that the secret to getting better and getting work is to get out there. Stop spending your time gathering information and start advertising your skills on freelancing platforms, Facebook groups and by emailing businesses that you think you could help. Send them attractive offers and ask for referrals.

Pitch, Pitch, Pitch. The more you pitch your services to prospective clients, the higher the chance you have of getting hired. Soon you’ll get your first client, and then your second, and more.

Continue pitching. Set aside a certain amount of time per day solely for pitching new clients, and remember to reach out periodically to past clients to check in and see if they need your services. Raise your prices every time you feel you have hit a milestone, and keep a portfolio of your work.

Now – get to work!


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