Co-working spaces are like the school playgrounds of adulthood. The place where you really learn what it means to abide by the rules. Where your patience levels for sharing are truly put to the test.

Here’s how to be considerate when sharing co-working space.

Watch your mouth

People might ‘pardon your French’ but could well be less tolerant of excessive noise. Trying to concentrate, or hold a professional conversation, alongside a relentless chatterbox can be frustrating. Just be aware of how much noise you’re making, and adjust it accordingly.

Read the room when it comes to picking your playlist

Spotify has a whole repertoire of office-suitable playlists for a reason. Be considerate about what songs you choose to play because you never know whose delicate ears you might be offending.

Keep note of all your passwords and PINs

When you’re sharing a workspace, you might not be able to stay logged in on devices all the time like you would in your own private office. In today’s tech-savvy world, you’ll need various codes and passwords to get in and out of everything. Save yourself a headache by using a password vault.

Be prepared to share the space

The clue is in the name – it’s a co-working space. That means you can’t call dibs on anywhere unless, of course, you’ve booked it in first. Remember, everybody else has equal access to the space so don’t go hogging desk space or meeting rooms.

Clean up after yourself

This one shouldn’t need much in the way of explanation! Keep it clean and tidy, it’s a space for everyone!

Ask about the Pet Policy before bringing your four-legged friends in

Although most coworking spaces today are pet-friendly, it is common courtesy to check before taking your furry friends in with you. Remember, too, that there are risks if your animal has a tendency to be a bit grouchy with other pets or people, or if other users of the space have allergies.

Be sensitive about the smells you’re creating

No, not that kind of smell… although you should probably be wary of that kind of odour too. We’re talking about food aromas or strong perfume scents which may prove to be a multi-sensory distraction for other people working in the space.

Replace things when you use the last of them

There’s nothing more annoying than going to the printer and seeing that the ink and paper have both run out. Except maybe going to make a brew and seeing that there is no milk left in the fridge. Don’t be that person. If you use the last of it, replace it for the next in line.

Do you regularly work in a shared workspace and often find yourself clenching your fists in frustration? Or do you do everything you can to be an upstanding member of the co-working community?


 We’d love to hear your side of the story so leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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