Ask any experienced freelancer why they moved into freelancing and the reply will often be loaded with lots of head scratching, looking into the distance and mumbling. The transformation from normal civilian to freelancer can literally happen overnight. One moment you are happily working in a full-time permanent job and doing bits of hobby work outside of your normal working hours, then the next thing you know it’s all change.

You have strided into your bosses office and slammed down a resignation letter onto her desk – in a flick of a switch your regular salary has vanished, now it’s up to you. OK, things will probably


not happen that quickly, but you will know the point when you seriously need to consider taking the step.

If you’re doing extra work outside of your ‘normal work’ the chances are it’s something that you love doing, maybe even a hobby that has started generating money. This is where things can get misty and rational thoughts are clouded with dreams of doing what you love for a living.

If your ‘extra work’ is now so busy it’s spilling over into having some sort of life (or sleep) then maybe it’s time you should look closely at things and see if you should indeed, jump feet first into the choppy freelancing seas.

However, before you get wet; consider these few pointers:

  • Are you financially and mentally ready to cut your ties from the safety net of a regular salary?
  • You maybe busy now, but how is the pipeline of future work looking?
  • Do you have anyone around you who can offer support and business advice
  • Have you fully researched your competition, are you confident in your service or product?
  • Do you have a space to use through the ‘normal’ working day? You may need to take calls or need quiet to concentrate on your work.
  • Do you know of any other freelancers? Speak to them and ask for tips. Join freelancer forums, be part of a community.
  • Seek out financial advice from an accountant, find a good one and keep them close when starting out.

Got anymore words of wisdom to add? Drop them in the comments box below!


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