If you’re having a difficult freelancing week full of unforeseen complications and uncommunicative clients, perhaps it’s time to take a step back, sit down with a beverage of your choice and remind yourself of all the positives of freelancing.



Of course you need to make money and adhere to your clients requirements. But ultimately, you choose when, where and how you work, the projects you take on and the clients you work with. Providing you hit your deadlines, you’re free to take yourself off to the beach on a whim if the sun is shining or start work at the crack of dawn, if that’s when you work best. However flexible an employer is, they’re highly unlikely to offer you that degree of freedom.

Family Time

Being there for your children when they’re starring in an assembly or they’re sick; caring for relatives; booking family holidays and breaks to suit your schedule rather than hoping you beat colleagues to the annual leave calendar; working the amount of hours that suit you rather than the ones you’re offered. These are just a few of the freelancing perks that can improve the quality and quantity of time you spend with your family. 


When you freelance, you choose the projects you take on and the tasks you choose to tackle each day. A range of clients, varying task complexity and a diverse project portfolio are some of the most enjoyable aspects of freelancing. If every day is same old, same old, you’ve only yourself to blame (although sometimes financial considerations can tempt us to remain in a boring but lucrative rut!).

Being Your Own Boss

If you’ve got the grotty job, bad news: you gave it to yourself. Because you’re in charge. Yes, it means you need to be motivated and organised, but you’re free of the scourge of unreasonable bosses, bullying bosses or those who snap their fingers and want everything done tomorrow without the slightest idea what’s involved. 

Pyjama Working

Whether you’re feeling poorly, tired or just having a can’t be bothered day, the freedom to turn up for work in whatever level of dishevelment you feel comfortable with is often high on freelancers’ lists of freelancing careers. The tie, the suit, the heels, the make-up; unless you’ve got a meeting or video conference call, you can forget them – and forget about the pressure to dress as expensively/trendily/smartly as your colleagues.

Lack of Workplace Politics

It’s not only bosses who can make our life hell; unpleasant colleagues, one- up-man-ship, difficult working practices, a lack of professionalism and internal politics and alliances can make working life hell, however much you may enjoy the nature of the work you do. One of the greatest freelance freedoms is the escape from these worries.

So remember, next time you’re having a bad freelancing day, take a moment to ponder the positives!



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