There’s no escaping the fact that you could go to IKEA, grab some meatballs for lunch and then fill your car up with beautiful, deceptively convincing, artificial plants. They’d look great and require nothing much more than a quick dust and a spritz of Zoflora every now and then (Mrs Hinch taught us that).

However, the benefits of nurturing live plants instead far outweigh the convenience of synthetic imposters.

Real plants…

  • Purify the air to remove toxins and therefore reduce illness
  • Boost oxygen in the atmosphere to improve physical and cognitive function
  • Have been proven to enhance mood, productivity and creativity

The best low maintenance house plants for a desk or office

The health benefits of real plants are all well and good, right, but as a new business owner or busy freelancer, watering, feeding and pruning are going to be bottom of your priority list.

Fear not though, for there are a whole host of indoor plants which require minimal attention and are perfect for those of you who can just about keep yourselves alive, nevermind your own botanical garden.

Here are ten of the most popular low-maintenance indoor plants for your humble abode:

Nickname: Snake Plant

What to ask for at the garden centre: Sansevieria

Characteristics: Tall, interesting leaves for an edgy look

Maintenance benefits:  Survives in low light and lasts up to a month without water

Nickname: Swiss Cheese Plant

What to ask for at the garden centre: Monstera Deliciosa

Characteristics: Trendy, climbing plant with delicate leaves

Maintenance benefits:  Likes indoor temperatures and shade; moderate water demands

Nickname: Devil’s Ivy

What to ask for at the garden centre: Epipremnum Aureum

Characteristics: Evergreen, heart-shaped leaves. Available as small desk plants or larger floor plants.

Maintenance benefits:  Survives in low light conditions

Nickname: Chinese Evergreen

What to ask for at the garden centre: Aglaonema/Aglo

Characteristics: Rich green leaves, often with traces of red or silver running through them

Maintenance benefits:  Likes warm indoor temperatures and staying out of direct sunlight

Nickname: Cacti

What to ask for at the garden centre: These guys need no introduction

Characteristics: On-trend and lots of different types to choose from

Maintenance benefits:  Equipped to survive dry, harsh, desert-like conditions; retains a lot of water

Nickname: ZZ Plant

What to ask for at the garden centre: Zamioculcas Zamifolia

Characteristics: Tall leafy branches which don’t attract many insects

Maintenance benefits:  Bulbous stalks and roots retain a lot of water so won’t need watering often and can survive long periods of low light

Nickname: Weeping Fig

What to ask for at the garden centre: Ficus Benjamina

Characteristics: Flowering plant on a delicate trunk – perfect corner plant

Maintenance benefits: Water only when top several inches of soil are dry

Nickname: Corn Plant

What to ask for at the garden centre: Dracaena Marginata

Characteristics: Delicate, colourful leaves which help eliminate air pollutants

Maintenance benefits:  A rootless plant which can survive drought-like conditions

Nickname: Imperial Green

What to ask for at the garden centre: Philodendron

Characteristics: Large, rich green leaves which stay glossy even in low light

Maintenance benefits:  Thrives in low humidity levels and indoor temperatures

Nickname: Peace Lily

What to ask for at the garden centre: Spathiphyllum

Characteristics: Large green leaves and white flowers; known to remove toxins from the atmosphere

Maintenance benefits:  Resilient when over-watered and survives without a lot of light

Are you the proud owner of a blossoming home office jungle? Share your snaps with us over on Twitter or Facebook! Got any tips on how to keep indoor plants thriving with minimal hassle? Leave them in the comments below.


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Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! 🙂