Once upon a time, our devices and phones served just a handful of purposes. These days, they’re more like an extension of ourselves.

Our smartphones (and other devices) are now our calendars, online banks, health trackers, nutrition guides, maps, the key to instant communication with contacts all around the world, and so much more.

Professionally, apps can drive productivity, boost organisation, automate some of your most arduous tasks and help you set up and maintain robust processes and systems.

That’s why, as a freelancer, staying up to date with the latest apps is such an effective way to stay on your A-game and make your life a whole lot easier, faster, smarter and sometimes, even cheaper.


The apps every freelancer needs in 2024 (and beyond)

The world of apps is fast-paced and quick-changing with a seemingly endless list of options. So, figure out where you would most benefit from some app-based support and focus your efforts there.

We share 10 of the best apps for freelancers in 2024, broken down into five key categories:

  • Finding freelance work
  • Project management
  • Design and creation tools
  • Social media
  • Bookkeeping and accounting

So, let’s get stuck in!


Finding freelance work

Finding freelance work is no mean feat, especially when you’re also trying to focus on the active briefs and clients you already have. Apps can make sourcing and securing work far less daunting and time-consuming.

Two of the most popular apps to help find freelance work are Upwork and Fiverr.



One of the most professional and reputable platforms for finding freelance work, the Upwork app is a must. You can search for jobs, send files and communicate with clients on the go, whenever, wherever.



Promote your services, set your prices, and compete against other freelancers. Build up positive reviews and remember to price yourself competitively but not too cheaply. Great for quick turnaround tasks – but watch out for spammy listings.


Project management apps for freelancers

As a freelancer, you’re almost always juggling a number of different projects, clients and deadlines at a time. Centralising it all into one place using a project management tool is a brilliant way to keep on top of everything, plan your capacity, manage expectations and avoid burnout.

Two go-to project management apps (for good reason) are Trello and Monday.com. As a freelancer or ‘solopreneur’, you might prefer the simplicity of Trello. If you’re interested in built-in budgeting, invoicing and marketing tools too, monday.com should tick all your boxes.

Other great options include Asana and ClickUp (which can even be added to Chrome, Alexa and Google Home).



Organise all your tasks visually into different boards and use the customisable Kanban workflow to easily manage multiple projects and deadlines.

If you’re working in a team, invite others to your Trello boards and assign tasks with the click of a button. View tasks and projects by calendar or category, depending on how you’re working.



This comprehensive project management platform and productivity app makes managing tasks and organising collaboration at scale a total breeze. Integrate your widgets and other favourite tools to streamline your entire workflow.


Design and creation tools

If you require creative design tools, but you don’t need the full-on power of Adobe, then Canva and Figma might be a useful starting point.



This app gives you access to millions of high-quality photos, icons, illustrations and templates so you can create things like social media images, business cards, decks, portfolios and advertising assets from your mobile.

Canva is a beginner-friendly alternative to more specialist (and costly) tools like Adobe Illustrator.



This is a fantastic collaborative tool that enables designers to co-work with clients and peers (such as copywriters and developers) to create, collect feedback and test designs in one platform. It’s a super-efficient way to share work, gather feedback and implement changes.

When it comes to copy and content, check out Grammarly to save valuable time and keep your spelling and grammar in check.


Social media

Social media can be an invaluable tool for getting your name out there, building your audience and sharing your content far and wide.

However, to get the most out of your social media channels, they require investment of time and effort, which can be significantly optimised with a scheduling and management app. Two of the most popular right now are Hootsuite and Loomly.



Download the Hootsuite app to draft, schedule, and publish social media content across all of your platforms from one dashboard. You can also engage with your audience and access performance analytics directly from the app, without having to log in to separate social media accounts.



This other popular social media management platform has recently launched a brand-new mobile app. Once all your social media accounts are connected, you can then create, optimise, schedule and analyse performance of your social media content all in one place.

The main difference between Hootsuite and Loomly is that Hootsuite has great social listening capabilities. This means you can monitor when people are talking about your chosen keywords online and what they’re saying. Loomly doesn’t yet offer this functionality.


Bookkeeping, accounting and invoicing

Keeping your accounts up to date and staying on top of invoices is critical for success as a freelancer. Doing so will help you run as tax-efficiently as possible and reduce instances of late payments to protect your cash flow.

That said, recording things like transactions and invoices and uploading expenses can feel daunting and downright painful at times. Using an app makes the whole thing feel far easier and more efficient.



The Quickbooks accounting app is one of the most popular of its kind, especially as it has a plan exclusively for self-employed freelancers. Having an app like this on your mobile, while you’re out and about, makes it quicker and easier to track miles and record transactions as and when they happen.



This is a free accounting app that is also a bookkeeping software and invoicing platform. Manage customer and supplier invoicing, upload receipts, view reports and complete banking straight from your mobile.

The best thing about Pandle is that all the cloud-based tools are all designed “with real people in mind”, making it perfect for small business owners and freelancers just like you.

Both accounting apps have a long list of features designed to support the financial growth and stability of your freelance business.

Done here? Check out our article on free tools for running a business solo—or find more expert advice and resources in our freelancer information hub.


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