The key to good blogging is consistency. It’s only natural for you to hit a wall in your blogging ventures or simply run out of steam. Maybe you’ve lost confidence in your writing abilities, are seeing virtually no traffic or have lost your passion for it. Whatever the reason, there are a few things you can do to get your blog back on track.


Rethink your niche

If you’re struggling to think of post ideas you might want to take a look at your subject matter. A lot of bloggers start off blogging about anything and everything and then eventually don’t know what to write about anymore. Sometimes this is because of a lack of clear objectives with the blog. You’re just doing it because you read an article telling you to.

You might even have been trying to avoid the very wall you’ve run into. By not narrowing down your subject, you’re free to write about anything. You think that because of this you could never possibly run out of post ideas because you’re subject is huge. The problem is that it’s difficult to decide what to write about when you have no focus.

Find new sources of ideas

If you get most of your ideas from certain blogs you follow and find that inspiration has dried up a little try finding new sources of ideas for your blog posts. Take a closer look at the news from your industry or ones like it. Ask your readers for things they’d like to see in your posts.

Take a look at what your competitors are doing with their blogs. Reading about what others are blogging about can sometimes inspire new ideas. If you do this remember never to copy what they’re doing, always create something new or give a unique spin on a similar subject.

Address low self confidence

One of the main reasons for any kind of creative blocks is a drop in confidence for whatever reason. Maybe you’ve been reading other blogs and can’t stop comparing your own humble efforts to these blogging gods. Well, the first thing you have to remember is that they all started out like you. You’ve probably already overcome some hurdles that stop most people in their tracks. And you’re reading about how to improve your blog so you are clearly interested in doing something about your situation.

Try writing exercises

If you’ve run out of ideas or are feeling uninspired, one thing you could try is writing exercises. Instead of blogging, write something completely different. Try your hand at writing a short story or a blog post about something completely unrelated subject.

You don’t have to show anyone or do anything with the writing, it’s simply an exercise to refresh your thinking and give yourself a little boost and spark to your creativity.

Plan ahead

If you’ve fallen into a lack-of-new-posts-panic, you might want to think about planning for this in future in case it happens again. It’s a good idea to have a few back up posts or at least a back log of ideas and planned out blog posts. Some bloggers actually write their posts in batches and short bursts. They will write a few in one go so they can concentrate on doing other things to grow their business.


If blogging is just a side thing for you, part of your marketing plan or your heart has never really been in it, then maybe you might think about outsourcing to someone who actually likes writing. Help out another freelancer by hiring one to write your posts for you. Some freelance writers can give you help with SEO or social media too.

Walk away

If this has been an ongoing problem, then maybe this is a sign that something really isn’t working out. Most bloggers don’t make successes out of their first blogging efforts. They generally try it a few times, make all the mistakes in the world and then learn a lot from their experiences. This essential learning curve can then help to make their newer blogs much more successful.

It might just be that you can’t make this blog work. It’s hard to solve a problem like not being interested in the subject anymore. While you could outsource the entirety of your blog, is it really your blog then?

Bearing that in mind, it’s okay to walk away from a blog when it has died an unfortunate death. While giving up as soon as things turn sour would never be sound business advice, sometimes it’s all you can do so that you can move onto more successful ventures.

Have you hit a wall with your blog? Is it best to walk away or make it work? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.


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