For some time, has worked with NASA to host competitions that ask innovative freelancers to come up with technological solutions and designs for NASA projects. The Astrobee Challenges, which are centred around the design, construction, abilities, command and deployment of a new robotic assistant for the ISS, are still continuing.

But now there’s another way to get involved in a NASA challenge, even if you don’t have a scientific bone in your body!

NASA’s Gateway seeks graphic designers

NASA is working with commercial and international partners to launch a sustainable exploration of the moon, and to further this aim, they plan to build the first permanent human spaceship in orbit around the Moon, known as the Gateway—and they’re looking for a graphic to represent it.

“The Gateway will be a part-time home and office for astronauts farther in space than humans have ever been before,” explain NASA.

The intention is that astronauts will visit at least once per year, living and working aboard the spaceship in deep space for up to three months at a time and potentially shuttling back and forth to the Moon’s surface. Astronauts will use the Gateway to train for life far away from Earth, and NASA will gain experience in moving a spaceship in different orbits in deep space—both vital learning experiences for any future expeditions to Mars

Any spacecraft bound for the surface of the Moon or Mars will be able to use the Gateway to refuel or replace parts. The Gateway’s core functions include power and propulsion, communications, habitation, logistics resupply, robotics, and an airlocks for science and spacewalks.

Bearing that in mind, it’s time to talk about the contest.

NASA/Freelancer graphic design contest

The contest is to design the Gateway Program Graphic and is open to anyone except NASA employees and contractors. The prize is $300.

The design should graphically convey the key theme of space exploration and what the Gateway represents. The graphic will be used in multiple ways internally at NASA, but will have limited external/public use, if any. A small version of the graphic may be used in the top corner of documents, a larger version could be used on the title page of internal presentation materials, or the graphic may be used on other products developed by the NASA Gateway team.

Both a colour version and black/white version are required, and while the colour pallet is open, a maximum of 6 colours may be used. Gradients or other special effects are prohibited as they are difficult to reproduce across all media, and stock photography cannot be used. All submitted elements must be designed solely by you.

If you fancy adding ‘graphic designer for NASA’ to your resumé, why not visit to check out the full contest brief?


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